Legal Information

The main purpose of this section is to clarify any questions about copywrites, patents, or fair use.


RhemaSound strives to be above reproach with regards to copyright laws. All messages and other works not directly produced by RhemaSound are the property of the original speaker/creator therein. RhemaSound has obtained the permission of the original author/creator for all works posted on this site. RhemaSound can not be held liable for any infringment contained in materials that we did not produce. If you are the owner of any materials that you believe have been infringed, please contact us immediatly at [email protected]. All works that have been produced by RhemaSound are the property of RhemaSound, and may only be reproduced according to the following conditions.

RhemaSound Produced Material Use Policy

RhemaSound reserves all rights to materials that have been directly produced by RhemaSound. These materials may only be reproduced according to the following conditions:

  1. All materials, except where allow by law, will be reproduced in full.
  2. Full credit shall clearly be given to RhemaSound and shall include reference to our web url
  3. No income, profit, or other material gain shall be incured or gained by the use of materials produced by RhemaSound.
  4. Materials shall not be altered or have additional materials added to them.
  5. You may have other rights beyond these listed according to the regulations and rights of the jurisdiction in which you reside. All matters of law shall be regulated according to the laws and procedures of and within the jurisdiction of the State of Georgia of the United States of America.

MP3 Licensing

The current licencing structure royalties are determined by the amount of income derived. Because RhemaSound does not make any income, we currently do not need to pay royalties to use the MP3 technology. If at any time the licensing terms for the MP3 technology change, RhemaSound will cease to offer files in the MP3 format. To find the current licensing conditions, you can go to Because the conditions for the MP3 technology are subject to change, RhemaSound encourages people to use the more modern, license free, vorbis and speex formats.